Keep it Short, Smarty!

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I might have a popular unpopular opinion. For the STAAR 2.0 Short Constructed Response, I think two things are needed for all 2 points- an answer and text evidence. That's it. No elaborate explanation. Just a one-two punch for a 2 point response. 

This is GREAT news! We all know that students have a tendency to pull a Michael Scott when asked to elaborate. Take the time to watch the clip. It's so good, and you deserve the giggle. 

In the past, we've used the hand and to organize short answer questions. Considering the expectation for this new questions type, I'm going to say give it the foam finger. Sometimes my humor is questionable. Use your own discretion to determine what's best for your classroom. 

  • Answer the question (Your answer is the explanation described in the scoring guide.)
  • How do you know? (text evidence)

Last week we talked about the conversation loop, asking for an answer and justification always. I also see so much power in planning with the Talk Read Talk Write format. I was talking with a teacher this week about how conversation strengthened student writing. She had the change to have students think-pair-share in her first class but ran out of time in the second. The impact of the opportunity to talk before writing was undeniable. 

There are short constructed response questions for writing that are worth one point. The examples are all having students write a revised sentence. A great resources that allows students to practice this skill is Revision Meets the Road. Referencing the grammar foldable and comma pockets can also help students successfully combine and clarify sentences. 

See- I told you! Our curly classrooms are already implementing best practices that prepare students for the expectations of the new assessment types! 

Again, you're call on using the line "give it the foam finger". You know I'd go for it!

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