Under the Big Top

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
We've walked the red carpet as movie stars, and we've trained for game day. Now it's time to enjoy a day at the carnival!

What am I talking about?! Our skills blitzes, of course! 

Our skill blitzes are a set of thematic lessons that practice key reading and writing skills. It's intentional for state assessment practice without being dreadfully boring. In fact, they are a lot of fun! They are set up to be a special event, maybe one afternoon/evening or even on a Saturday, but you could run them as a special day or series of days in your classroom. 

As you plan for next semester and the lead up to assessment season, the carnival is in town! You guys- I am IN LOVE with this new blitz!! It includes 3 comprehensive lesson plans that focus of reading and writing skills. All lesson plans end with a check for understanding that students record on their carnival map (totally an effort to fight the "What did you learn today?"/"Nothing." phenomenon). If you're in Texas, there is purposeful practice with STAAR 2.0 question types- short and extended constructed responses, text entry, inline choice, multipart, and multiselect. If you're not in Texas, don't worry- it's just good ways to ask students to think. There is a Google form quiz included that uses these question types to further reinforce reading and writing skills. 

All of the learning leads up to...drum roll please...an actual carnival!! If you use the Google quiz, each correct answer can result in a carnival ticket for games or snacks. There is a guide for the organizer of the blitz that discusses options to make this as big or small as seems manageable to you. 

Last thing-
I think the signage and resources are beautiful! With big kids, I stay away from cutesy and cartoonish. I found the most beautiful watercolor graphics to use throughout. Thank you WriteLovely for the amazing graphics- they are perfect! 

Head on over to our TPT Store to pick up our Carnival Skill Blitz for your campus or classroom!

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