Gimme 5: Things to Do with Released Items

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
from Santa Suz

Christmas came early!!  TEA just released items from the 2015 STAAR assessments!
These released items can be a meaningful piece of your instruction.  Here's how...

1.  Practice thinking though the multiple choice in a high engagement, low risk way with I.Q. Slapdown.

2.  Post the first page of several passages around the room.  Have students conduct a gallery walk identifying the genre and telling how they know or what they focus on when they read this genre.  This could be a great way to reinforce the genre bookmarks.

3.  For great ideas for the writing scoring guide, click here.

4.  Assign a released expository passage, have students create their own visual to support the passage.  Challenge them to explain the connection between the two.

5.  The #1 advantage of released passages is that they are (relatively) short.  After reading and working with several, disjointed passages, challenge students to find connections using Connect the Dots.  

Oh yeah, and a wealth of released items is at your fingertips right here.  

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