A Three Ring...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
your ring leader, Suzanne

...non-circus!  Now we're talkin'!

This is a reading strategy from Laying the Foundation that works well after reading a text.  
You can provide students with a handout of three concentric circles, orrrrrr students can draw them themselves.  A month of school left and an opportunity for low/no prep? Sign me up!

In the innermost circle:
-Write the most significant word from the assigned text
   Choose to include 2 of the following:
   -Provide a quote to support your choice of that word.
   -Explain in their own words how this word is important in the context of the story.
   -Provide the dictionary definition for the word.
In the middle circle:
-Draw four pictures/images inspired by the assigned text.
-Under each picture, explain how the image connects to your chosen word.
In the outermost circle:
-Write two thematic statements drawn from the significant word and images. Remind students that their theme statements are big about life- true in this story, and this movie I saw, and in my own life.

Students are easily engaged because every circle has different directions.  They also get hooked with the opportunity to draw.  This is a great way to get students thinking deeply about something they've read...no lion tamer needed!


  1. I loved this when I first saw it at a Laying the Foundations workshop for our pre-AP students. Glad to see others are picking it up!