Book It!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

published by Lori
1. Fold it hotdog.

Today's feature foldable is one of my faves. I use it for note-taking, I use it for projects, and I've even used it to teach an extended metaphor! The Eight-Page Booklet, while it may look intimidating, is full of novelty and functionality. Your students will enjoy filling its pages with their own personal style, and they can really surprise you with the content they generate. Follow these 10 easy peasy steps to create The Eight-Page Booklet. 

P.S. It doesn't really take 10 steps, but I was quite liberal with the pictures.

P.S.2. I am blogging from the road knowing full-well that I had my mini-book post on the calendar. And I forgot scissors! I rifled through my purse and my suitcase only to emerge with an iPhone charger, my TSA approved travel toothpaste, and tweezers. I did this without scissors, people! It's ok. You can leave me a congratulatory note in the comments section. 
2. Fold it in half again. (Short edge to short edge).
3. Fold it in half again. This is EASY!
4. Open your paper up to see 6 panels. Fold it in half hamburger (short edge to short edge).
5. This is the most difficult part. If your students are going to mess this up, it will happen right here. Be careful. The crease is at the bottom and the top is open. Cut from the crease to the center and STOP. I always tell my students that if they screw it up, then we will all point and laugh. 
6. Now comes the fun. Return to the original hotdog fold and your paper should resemble a cool piece of sculptural art. I guess foldables are cool pieces of art. Anyway...
7. Squeeze the center until the paper naturally begins to fold over on itself. Trust will work.
8. Keep squeezing and let it fold over so that you can clearly see a book beginning to emerge. 
9. Sit back and say, "holy worked." If it didn't work, try it again. Make sure your cut at step 5 is straight and that you've folded as neatly as possible.
* Ooooh...aaaah! Look at those straight edges. WITHOUT SCISSORS. 


  1. This is amazing! I just made one :-) And please know that my oohs and aahs are genuine. This is going to replace a much more elaborate paper bag booklet that I used to have my kids do. Fabulous!

  2. Woot! Thank you:) I think we may make these tomorrow in 9th grade English:)