The Goods

Thursday, May 15, 2014
your source, Suzanne

I've got a problem.  I'm a junkie- a prompt junkie that is.  A good writing prompt is hard to come by, and when I find one, I pounce!  

In class, students kernel an essay or two a week.  That means that I've got to have plenty of writing prompts to make the world go round (or at least my D206 world go round).  
Click to read more about our expository and persuasive writing process.  

I feel like I ought to show you the goods lining the inside of my jacket or in the trunk of my car at this part in the post, but I've got what you want need.  

These prompt packs include 20 STAAR-formatted prompts to meet all of your writing needs:  
Expository 7th-11th
Expository 4th-6th
Persuasive 10th-11th

Talking about goods has me thinking about good times, and something that's guaranteed to be a good time is our birthday party!  Click here to save your spot. Thanks to those of you who have already signed up.  We're so excited to spend the day with you!

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