That Awkward Question

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
posed by Lori

I love meeting new teachers. I love stepping into other classrooms and seeing how other teachers run the show. I especially love talking about instructional strategies with other teachers. But sometimes that awkward question arises: How do you teach writing? I think in my first few years, I would have just politely changed the subject. 

Last week, I shared our first Mayday Menu with you--a list of 20 engaging reading strategies to support your instruction. Lucky for you, that little beauty quickly sparked our Writing Mayday Menu.

Packed with 20 different strategies used for brainstorming, drafting, and revising, the Writing Mayday Menu allows you to choose your favorite combinations to take your students through an authentic and engaging writing experience. 

Keep this and the Reading Menu at the front of your planning notebook, and you'll never be at a loss.

And when that awkward question arises, you now have 20 different ways to answer!

If you haven't told us you're coming to the birthday party, claim your spot today!

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