The Matrix Reloaded

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Your Crazy Curly, Lori

To honor our notion that there is no new in review, today I bring you an oldie but a goodie. We don't have much time before our test, so every last bit counts. Our questions and student accountability are key. 

Re-introducing the Question Matrix...

Click here for a free digital download, and save yourself some time!
This scaffolded question grid can be used in a variety of ways to help your kids review key skills while maintaing a high level of rigor. How many different ways can you use the matrix? I've got a few for ya!

After reading a text:
  • Cut up the pieces of the matrix. Give all pieces to a small group in a bag. Each student draws two or three cards from the matrix and writes their own questions. For an optional extension, once questions are written, trade and answer.
  • Don't have time to cut and sort? Leave the matrix intact and give each group a dice [Or is it die if it's just one? That sounds so weird!] Roll the die on top of the matrix. Write a question wherever you land!
Revision after drafting:
  • Split the entire matrix among different members of your class so that each student gets one card. You can then set up clocking stations where kids can focus on a single paragraph and ask a question about improvement using their matrix card.
  • Put students together with a shoulder buddy and assign each student a number. Display the matrix but number it, so that each students uses the question stem that corresponds with his or her number.  
We were super professional in our professional development on Monday.
We're all working so hard right now, and Suz and I truly hope these strategies are encouraging to you. If all of our instructional goodies fail to lift you up, then maybe this unflattering picture will!

Let us know if you're able to use these strategies and what variations you add. Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

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