Get Inked

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
from the curly classroom of Suzanne

Today's relevant review strategy is one called Ink Think.  This allows students to think more deeply about a topic and get all their learning down on paper.  

In the middle of a sheet of paper- 8 1/2 x 11 or butcher- write the topic.  Students will organize everything they know about the topic (kinda like a bubble map).  The power in this activity (and what makes it so awesome) is that it is completed silently.  They "listen" to group members by carefully reading what others write.  This also allows quiet students the opportunity to shine.  Students should add details, examples and related information to flesh out the mind map (and thinking).

Instructionally, this allows the teacher to see what students know well (typically what is added quickly and/or is repeated) and where gaps lie (things that are absent or incorrect).  If posters have different topics, students can have a gallery walk and add to a different category.  

When this activity is completed on bulletin board paper, they can be posted in the hallway to benefit everyone.  

Thought-provoking questions

This idea came from the book Thinking Though Quality Questioning by Jackie Acree Walsh and ‎Beth Dankert Sattes.

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