Happy 2018!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Happy New Year, Friends!!

As a fun way to start off the new year, Lori and I came up with 18 things that you might not know about us and a few of our favorite pictures from the last year...

1. Lori and I met in 2011 while teaching 9th grade ELAR and bonded over ridiculously low mock-STAAR scores.
2. Lori is currently an instructional specialist at a middle school working with all of ELAR and 8th grade social studies, and loving mostly every minute of it! (Just keepin' it real.)
3.  Suz is currently an assistant principal at an elementary school...who would have thunk it?!
Trail of Breadcrumbs fun in Lamesa

4. Lori is a fan of the Oxford comma and firmly believes in only ONE space after a period. When she and Suz co-write a blog post, she works hard to pretend she doesn't notice. 
5.  The blog started the summer we were teaching summer school (it's a beach!) 4 days a week and writing curriculum for the next week on Fridays.  Suz started the blog one night and shared it with Lori the next day saying, "You're either going to love this or think I'm crazy."
TCTELA selfie

6. Lori is a runner and recently picked it back up again after about a two year break. Her 9th half marathon will be at the end of February, and she has ambitions for a full marathon. Maybe 2018 is the year!
7.  Suz is a bargain shopper.  Her favorite places include Walmart (with the addition of Pioneer Woman stuff, I could just live there!) and Amazon (the fact that I can have anything delivered to my door in 2 days makes me feel powerful...muhaha!).
Presenting, spending time with friends, and meeting Penny Kittle in Region 9!!
8. When we travel anywhere, we have to go to the local Walmart. The only exception was Midland. This was unfortunate...especially because we inadvertently packed MATCHING outfits to present in. 
9.  The first time Lori and I got to go and present our strategies somewhere, we got paid with a free pizza lunch and Starbuck's gift card.  Nothing was expected, so we were grateful for what we got!
10. Lori has a dog named Neville. He's bad. Things he has eaten include: a comforter, multiple table legs, stairs, and a wall. Bad. Dog.
11.  Suz's favorite day of the week is Monday.  It feels very lonely in this camp.  On Monday, the week is still fresh and new...I can do all the things.  In other words, if it doesn't happen on Monday, the likelihood of it getting done diminishes with each passing day.
Curly Classroom fun in Region 18!
12. Lori has a 10 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. Her son is a fiery red head with hazel eyes, while the rest of the family has brown hair and brown eyes. Those recessive genes came out in full force! Little rebel.
13.  In the same month, Lori and I presented 3 miles north of Mexico and 20 miles south of Oklahoma.  We love our state, man.
14. When we present, Lori has become the default tech team of one! After we arrive for set-up, Suzanne high tails it away from any plug, cord, or device! She sends Lori all the good vibes while she sets up tables like a champ. Lori has gotten really good at remaining calm when things don't work.
Sharing our favorite Bernabei strategies in Rio Grande Valley TWICE this year!!

15.  Suz's best book read in 2017: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.  This book is written by a non-profit attorney who takes on the appeals of death row inmates.  
16. We have been asked on numerous occasions if we're sisters. We've finally just started saying yes.
17.  Lori and I can make any road trip fly by with a good 90s radio sing-along!
18. One of us is VERY calm in the presence of celebrities. 
Don't think that it's all work and no play! We took a pre- back to school road trip to the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile and met her handsome hubby!! 
We hope that this is your best year yet!!


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