Review It to Win It

Thursday, February 16, 2017
ready, set, Suzanne

Things I know about myself:

-I like things that are easy.  (Exhibit A: Google search history -- "easy dessert recipe",
"easy Valentine idea", "easy outfit from Target")
-I like things that are obviously purposeful.  (I'm a Generation Y-er and totally identify with that.  I need to understand the "why" behind something before I'm truly on board.
-I love the dollar store.  (As evidenced by this post, this post, and this post.)

Other things I know to be true- I have a definite threshold for chaos.  Because of this, I have really latched on to Minute to Win It games.  They are specific; they are quick; they are cheap.  Therefore, Minute to Win It games are frequent in the rotation of Big Fun Friday activities.  

This love of all the fun you can have in 60 seconds led me to a skill-specific application for review...Review It to Win It!  

This set uses four quick competitions to review fundamentals in BOTH reading and writing.  (Here's the why: I picked four games and use them twice to keep you from needing a million and one supplies and to preserve instructional time from teaching the rules of 47 games.)  Each game (same set up, same supplies) comes with a lesson plan for a reading specific review and a writing specific review.  Skills targeted are: academic vocabulary, genre, evaluating text evidence, inferring, star points, sentence combining, sentence wringer, and organization in the composition.  Eight lesson plans are included along with student consumables, resources, and manipulatives.   

Get competitive juices flowing and brains thinking with -- Review It to Win It!

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