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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
dun dun dun Suzanne

This, the 24th day of the first month of the year 2017, shall hereby be known as "Suzanne Finally Finished the Upper Elementary Shared Reading Project She's Been Promising (and She Blogged About It)" Day!  It's a bit wordy, but I trust that it'll catch on.

Friends- This project has been a long time coming!  When I moved from teaching 10th grade to 4th grade, I knew that Shared Readings had to come with me.  They were hands down the best thing in my classroom, and I knew that the system could be adapted to work in upper elementary.  So each week I would set out to make the next weeks lesson.  This left me with a bank of texts and questions, but there was much work to do to tidy them up.  

And guess what... THEY'RE HERE!!  I am SO proud of this set!  It's huge (in light of current events...It's HUUUUUGE!)- 29 four-day lessons!  Each week, students focus in on genre study, comprehension, vocabulary (either academic or in context), and inferencing.  I went through the 5th grade TEKS snapshot (since that is our state's Student Success Initiative year) to make sure that this resource was tightly aligned.  Adding Shared Readings into your daily routine will give students a second exposure to the TEKS/standards in your curriculum.

They are available for purchase in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store, and they are on SALE through Friday!  Go forth and celebrate!

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  1. Bought it, and using 2 passages for assessment. Thanks so much.