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Tuesday, November 1, 2016
hey ya, Suzanne

If you're like me, you might have quickly side-stepped away from a writing conferencing calling out the wisdom, "You need to develop your paragraphs!"  Why the hasty exit you ask? the heck do you teach a kid to develop a paragraph?!  It just like happens or doesn't happen...kinda like the weather.  Well, after wading through a preponderance of soggy released essays from the spring, development continued to float to the top of my priority list.
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Remember our hand model for the Short Answer Questions?  Well, Lori and I dusted off some of those question stems to help us out in this predicament.  

Let's play, and you'll see what I mean...
What's your favorite food?
My favorite food is pizza.

How do you know?
Well, I certainly eat more pizza than any other food.

Huh? Tell me more.
Anytime my mom asks what I want for dinner, I shout "Let's order pizza!" She usually goes for it because it means she doesn't have to cook.

Way better than...
I like pizza.  Pizza is really yummy.  You can get cheese pizza.  You can get pizza with pepperoni...

The best way to start developing writing is to start with a verbal routine.  Pose a somewhat silly or obvious question...favorite food, favorite color, where do you live.  Need more ideas?  Click here or here for a long list of questions.

The aim is for this dialogue to become an inner voice to deepen responses.  This is also a great scaffold for academic writing across contents.  Check back for more ideas to increase specificity (such a fun word)!

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