Coming Up for Air

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Hello friends!

So it's been a while. {enter emoji with squinty eyes and clinched teeth here}  The Curly Classroom is alive and well, and we're calling October our comeback month!  Woohoo!!

So we've got some splanin' to do...

Here's what's been up with Suzanne:
Hello all!  I can't tell you how good it is to be back! I missed you, like reeeally missed you!  So the summer brought with it...boxes.  First, I packed up all my teacher goodies and moved to my new office.  I'm an assistant principal at an elementary school.  We are a Kinder-6th grade and bilingual campus.  I am so amazed by how cool our bilingual program is!  I think I spend a little extra time in there hoping to improve my monolingual status.  Being in administration is weird...and wonderful, but weird.  I'm learning new things everyday and wouldn't have it any other way.  My favorite part is getting to watch really cool things going on in classrooms and working with teachers to add to toolboxes and provide the support needed to take risks.  As soon as my school boxes were moved to my new campus, I decided that was so much fun* that I'd pack up my other worldly goods and move residences.  In the Texas heat.  Super idea.*  So ultimately I spent my summer being disgusted by how much junk I have and trying to pawn things off on others.  "Hey, do you want four boxes of foil sheets?" "Hey, do you want poms poms that have already been sorted by color?"  "Hey, do you want this toaster?  It kinda works."  It's a glamorous life I lead, ladies and gentlemen!  So that's it.  I'm turning a corner on survival mode and am glad to be back.  We've got good things coming!  Thanks for sticking with us!  You're our favorite!

*The comments above are dripping with sarcasm.  In the thick of it, I may have uttered that there must be a spot in hell where all you do is pack up and move.  It is the worst!

Here's what's been up with Lori:
Y'all. This blog post is so aptly titled! Suzanne and I are alike in many ways and this summer WE BOTH MOVED. ALL THE THINGS. IN THE TEXAS HEAT. All of them. First, I took a new job at a middle school as an instructional specialist. As a former high school teacher (9th and 10th grade), I'm adjusting to middle school land. It's a strange place where I'm taller than the kids and 7th graders might as well be squirrels. I adore the teams of teachers that I work with. We are learning new ways to work in our PLCs so that we can always push ourselves to deliver the best possible instruction. My teachers have all been very welcoming and I really don't feel like the new kid on the block at all. It helps that I've been in the district for nearly 10 years. Yikes! 

Not only did I move jobs, but I also took a page out of Suzanne's book and moved residences as well. Every piece of my life got physically picked up and moved this summer (including Suzanne's pom poms that had already been sorted by color). My husband and our two kids packed up everything from our very first house and are currently living in an apartment that is roughly the size of a graham cracker. We've been here for about a month, and in a mere 15 days, our new home will be officially completed and we will sign giant stacks of papers and then pack up all of the things AGAIN and move AGAIN. At least this time, it will be October and not nearly as hot as it was in August. 

We've definitely been treading water for a few months, but we miss our Curly friends! We've both been thinking about you as we try new things and we can't wait to share our year with you.

Oh, and here's a picture from our summer shenanigans. 
We ditched the kids and went to Six Flags by ourselves.  No shame because WE GOT TO RIDE THE TITAN THREE TIMES WITH LITTE/NO WAITING.  Aren't we cool? Yeah, we don't really think so either. :)

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