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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
from your Super Sleuth, Lori

There's nothing like a new twist on an old favorite. I've always been a fan of Kylene Beers and a while back I did a post on Possible Sentences. Recently, I designed a lesson for reading stations with Possible Sentences as a stop along the way. I was only allowed a short 10 minute time frame...yikes! But you're so lucky because now I'm sharing the lesson with my Curly friends so that you can do Possible Sentences in a time crunch...hello test prep! Use this activity as a comprehension strategy and as a springboard for digging deeper into a text. 

Of course I love a good theme, so I titled it Sentence Spies. All you need is a short expository or persuasive article. Pull 10 engaging or interesting words/phrases from the article and follow the steps below. Have fun, Agents!

Completed note cards are returned to the SECRET AGENTS folder. Articles are stored in the TOP SECRET file. Sometimes a good theme is so cute that I just can't help myself. 

Sentence Spies
I will make predictions about what I’m going to read and adjust my thinking while I read.
I will tell my table buddies what I learned from previewing and reading the article. 
Step 1: For 15 seconds, study the words and phrases below:

  • {Insert your words/phrases here}

Step 2: In a moment, you will read an article that contains all of these words and phrases.
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes.
  • Everyone should grab an index card. By yourself, use the list above to write 2 sentences that you think might show up in the article. Try and use at least 2 phrases in each sentence.
  • Example: Many countries allow you to carry sharp knives.
  • Remember, these are sentences that you think might be in this article, so they should all sound like they go together.
Step 3: When the 3-minute timer goes off:
  • Circle your favorite sentence.
  • In that sentence, underline the words you used from Step 1.
  • Share your sentence out loud with your group.
Step 4: You are now authorized to remove the articles from the TOP SECRET envelope.  
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes. Do not write on the article.
  • Read the article, paying attention to the underlined words that you used.
Step 5: Return to your sentence you circled in Step 3.
  • Tell your group what you learned about those underlined words.
  • How are the underlined words used differently compared to your original sentence?
  • How are the underlined words used similarly compared to your original sentence?
  • Flip your index card over and write a sentence explaining what you learned.
Example: In many countries, children work long hours using sharp knives.

Step 6: Give your fellow spies a high five and clean your work space.
  • Neatly stack unused notecards. 
  • Put your name on your notecard, and drop it in the SECRET AGENT file. 
  • Return articles to the TOP SECRET file. 


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