Checking Out

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
marking it with a check, Suzanne

Would you like for your students to be more responsible for their own writing? If your students are like mine (and please, please, please tell me they are), they seem to forget about our mini-lessons when they write.  They might incorporate our most recent strategy, but before that- forget about it!  And once they have something written, it might as well be chiseled in stone.  Any reminder or suggestion is an affront to their creative genius.  (Insert teacher eye roll here.)  

Let our personal narrative and expository checklists help!  Each list asks important questions for students to keep in mind as they draft and before turning in writing assignments.  Questions remind them of ways to start, various sentence types, and examples they can use to support.  They also get to the heart of the matter- does this writing sound like you?  Are you proud of what you're turning in?  This is a great way to encourage students to check out their own writing before checking out of the writing process!

Checklists reflect good writing practices but are also aligned with classroom practices that prepare students for the STAAR writing test.  

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