All My Bags Are Packed...

Thursday, November 13, 2014
ready to go, Lori

Suz and I are going on the road! Here are things that I enjoy about traveling with my Curly buddy.

  • We have matching coats. This is fun for everyone involved. 
  • Suz does not really have appreciation for TSA rules. Last time, she stashed a Dr. Pepper in my bag and I got busted. 
  • I have no sense of direction and therefore cannot effectively navigate a new city.
  • In certain unusual climates, we frizz. Badly.
  • We make nervous plane neighbors.
Why all the travel, you ask? We're excited to present on November 21st at the Arkansas Reading Association Conference. We'll be 'Reading in the Deep' and sharing our favorite strategies for digging deeper and building skills with texts of all genres. 

Can't make it to Little Rock, you say? No problem! Drum roll, please.....

Catch our presentation at TCTELA in January of 2015. This year's conference is in sunny Houston, Texas. Staying in the Lone Star State bodes well for us. No flying. No TSA. No nervous plane neighbors. But, y'all. It's Houston. There will definitely be frizz. 

Come join us in all our frizzy glory as we read deeper, make new friends, and learn together. 

We sincerely hope to see you there!

I'm leaving on a jet plane. It's pretty definite when we'll be back again because we have jobs.

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