Show Us Your Classrooms: Room 27 Edition

Thursday, September 18, 2014
the captain of my curly classroom, Suzanne

Soooo...this post is a little late.  Likely, your students have already torn up your first round of decorations.  Or if your like me, you just put up your last decoration so that you could blog about it. :)  Either way, I want to see your space!

I haven't talked about this on the blog, but I made quite a change this year.  I moved from 10th grade STAAR-based ELAR to 4th grade self-contained.  (Yes, please stop and say a silent prayer for me now.)   Let me start by answering the obvious question- WHY?!?!?!

To preface- I loved teaching my "hybrid" English classes.  We took chances.  We sang, drew, and hopped our way toward success.  And believe me, we grew.  But what about when growth still doesn't get you to 3750 (or whatever passing rate might be your threshold)?  It's heartbreaking!  Let's face it, without strong reading and writing skills, school is hard, all the way through- elementary, secondary, college...  I'm trying to fix it early.  I want my 17 kids (yep, you read that right- holla!) to be strong readers and writers. I want school to be enjoyable.  I want college to be a reality.  
(steps off of soap box)

Welcome to Room 27!

As soon as you walk in the door, you'll find my classroom library.  Titles are organized by genre and students are encouraged to "shop" during the weeks when we don't go to the school library.  *Side note: I love these baskets!  I seriously wanted some locker baskets but was unwilling to pay the hefty price online and have no space for them at home.  I justified the purchase when I found these at Kirkland's and told myself I needed them at school.  I love some good justifying!*
When the students aren't there, these boxes line our back shelf.  Each morning, they are the first thing they grab and take to their desks.  These are their book boxes.  I totally got the idea from The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller.  Inside, students keep 3-5 self-selected titles.  They are encouraged to try different genres, but it's not something I'm pushing heavily yet.  This is a great remedy for your "shopaholic"- that kid that somehow spends all of independent reading time searching for just the right book.  This way, they have variety and waste no time if they decide to abandon a book and start another.

This is not a thrilling picture, but I thought I'd share.  This is how I organize my teacher notebook for each subject/class.  I can also keep my copy of a text we're working with.  It's right at my fingertips and ready to be popped under the document camera.
I like to post my credentials- for students, parents, and myself.  We are professional educators.  Not only that, but you spend nights, weekends, and summers finding new resources and researching most effective methods.  My dentist and hairdresser post their credentials.  Why shouldn't I display the product of my learning?

Because it's elementary- you've got to have a theme.  We are WILD Readers!  In fact, you can follow our class cuteness on Twitter.  Based on Donalyn's book, Reading in the Wild, we are celebrating and developing life-long reading habits.   

I know what you're thinking! "I want to show off my curly classroom and where can I get that fabulous 'Proud to be a Curly Classroom' printable?!!"  See, I told you I get you!  

Click here for your own "Proud to be..." printable.  They are two to a page, so share with a curly friend.  Proudly display it outside your classroom and take us on a tour.  We will start a link up next TUESDAY!  Link up your blog post with us then.  Not a blogger, no problem!  Share your pics on Facebook.  Mention us in your caption, and the pictures should show up on our page.  You can also tweet your pictures will #curlystyle.  We can't wait to see your space!

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  1. OH MY!! What a change indeed! It's past midnight, so I will process this and get back with you. I sure wish MY 4th grader was in a Curly Classroom, that's for sure!! :)