The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Thursday, August 7, 2014
spreading cheer, Suzanne

Note cards, library days, MLA...what's not to love?!  

Actually, I'll pass on that.  Well, not MLA- it can stay.  Research is a beating.  It's a beating to research.  It's a beating to draft.  It's a major beating to grade.

I'd love to tell you that I've solved all your problems.  That's not true, but I do have something that can make it a whole lot better. 


I've used this foldable with Pre-AP students and struggling students.  It works great with both groups!  If you teach a Pre-AP or AP class, you can get sample Synthesis Essay prompts and sources here.  With my STAAR prep students, I used this wonderful resource: 

If this is not already in your library, it should be!  It is exactly what it says it is- high interest news article and a reading lesson for each. In the back, there are connected texts.  I used these news articles for my student's sources.  P.S.: There is also a book of fiction pieces.  One page fiction that you haven't seen a thousand times- yes please!!

Check out our video for step-by-step instructions to create this foldable.



  1. It never occurred to me to integrate foldables into research but I really like the idea! Great video - it was easy to follow your instructions and to see the value in this activity. I found you on Pinterest and will definitely share this with my colleagues.

    1. Melissa-
      I'm so glad you found us! Thanks for sharing!!