Keep It Curly

Friday, August 29, 2014
by both of your Curly Pals

We work hard to continue to bring you relevant information that you can typically turn around pretty quickly in your own classroom. 

To close out this mini-series, we are simply extending a kind invitation for you to return to The Curly Classroom each week for fresh ideas and encouragement from fellow friends in the trenches. 

Typically, we post every Tuesday and Thursday, but sometimes we make exceptions for a special series or even a Linky Party every now and then. Our little blog has grown so much in the past year, which tells us that ELA teachers need support and innovative ideas. We want to know what you need most, so feel free to send us an email or leave comments with questions any time. 

And, we love making new friends! If you're interested in hearing about any of our resources and strategies, let us know and we'd love to visit!

Way to close out your first week! Here's to a long Labor Day weekend! Now why can't that be a routine?


  1. Is the English II Shared Reading set still available?

  2. Hi Lauren!! It's so good to hear from you! Will you email us at and we can talk about that 10th grade set. I hope you year is going well. And I LOVE watching your sweet babies grow through all the pictures you post.


  3. When you guys crack the code to the Short Answer Question, please be sure to make us something beyond amazing to use! I feel like between everything I am doing it is the biggest place we still need something extra to get those extra points.