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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
your savvy shopper, Suzanne

Fresh boxes of crayons, crisp spiral notebooks, and the thrill of opening a brand new gluestick- these are the reasons I went into teaching.  I mean children...children are the reason why I became a teacher.  And learning.  Children and learning- yeah, that's it.

But for real, we do derive an unparalleled joy from new school supplies.  And while 12 bright, pointy-tipped markers do make my heart skip a beat, they don't make my day any easier.  Why not invest in what will- instructional strategies.

To get your new year off to a rockin' start, we compiled out Back to School must haves:

Genre bookmarks- I want to establish these early in my year, so that we practice identifying and genres and reading with a specific purpose in mind.

Common Thread: Identity- This collection of 12 thematically connected texts give students the opportunity to see how a common idea is developed in different types of texts.  Included are 5 Short Answer Questions, 2 expository, 2 persuasive prompts, and a personal narrative unit. 

Snazzy Sentences- Uncover interesting sentence patterns and build confidence so that students feel empowered to use them in their own writing.  This set tracks with the English II Shared Reading set.

Prompt Packs- With all of that kerneling that will be going on, it's nice to have 20 prompts on hand.  Pop them up on the wall for a gallery walk.  Allow student's choice in what they write.  There are plenty of prompts to go around.

Words to Grow- Make sure students have the vocabulary needed to tackle STAAR.  Each grade-level set includes lists of academic, non-academic vocabulary and verbage.  Twenty vocabulary-building activities are included.

To make sure that your school year is a perfect 10, we're offering a special 10% discount today and tomorrow. We wish a wonderful start to both you and your students!

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