A Brick House

Monday, August 11, 2014
constructed by Suzanne
Actually it's a paper house but a really cool one!

Think of stories with a significant setting or house that symbolizes something greater.  I can hear Lori screaming The House of Mango Street from here! :)  Students can analyze the literature in this fun foldable.

Start by folding your paper in half horizontally (student speak: hamburger/taco).  Fold the right side into the middle.  Then the left.  Open up this fold.  You are going to press down the top to form the eaves (that's a thing, right?!) of the house.  It looks a little paper airplane-ish.  Do the same thing to the other side. 
You can open up that front section for a shorter writing assignment like a Short Answer Question that explains what the house symbolizes.  For longer writing, have students write on the entire sheet of paper before folding.  We did this with a personal narrative about a significant place.  They generate a list of three meaningful locations.  Then they choose one that has a story they'd like to tell.  Have students draw a floor plan of this location on the front of the paper.  Then they should briefly describe meaningful events that took place there.  This is their pre-writing for the activity.  On the back, they will draft their story about this meaningful place.  Finally, they can complete the directions to create the house.  
See, it's cute!

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