Gimme Five: Online Resources

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
your summer-lovin' sista, Suzanne

I saw a resource floating around Facebook that I wanted to keep to refer back to.  I had a minor meltdown because it wasn't on Pinterest.  Yeah, sure I could have technically pinned it anyway, but in my moment of turmoil, I wasn't thinking clearly. #firstworldprobs  This got me thinking.  What resources do you regularly refer to that make your job easier and more fun.

Here's my list of 5 online resources that have helped me out in a bind:
FB Writing Resource
This is the article that sparked this post.  It's filled with good writing starters (love) to keep in your interactive notebook (double love).

Article of the Week
We love us some Kelly Gallagher!  So much so that we implemented the AoW at a campus-wide level to help students gear up for the April administration.  Lori and I love is so much that it was our semester exam.  Click here to check out how we used it.  This is another avenue for AoW articles and resources.  Once or twice, I even found my own article.  Gasp!

Read, Write, Think
I used bits and pieces from RWT quite a bit when I taught middle school.  The lessons are well throughout and numerous resources are provided.  I love that they utilize engaging strategies and technology.  Handouts are well designed- something you could easily print out and be ready to rock and roll with.  They also connect you to other cool sites and resources.  One of my very favorite lessons is this one connecting art, music and literature from the Harlem Renaissance.  This is a great go-to if you are looking for a skill-based yet seasonal lesson.

High Energy Lesson Plans
I happened upon this site in typing some obscure jumble of words into Google one day.  Don't you love it when something good comes out of that?!  This site provides a variety of grade-appropriate lessons, including literature-based lessons.  What I love most is that almost every one has students up and moving.  I love it when the engagement piece is already there for me!

Bernabei Writing Tools
It is no secret that we love Gretchen! In fact, we get to see her at the Richardson training this Thursday and Friday.  Anyone else going to be there?!  I signed up for the email notification, and anytime I get one, I click on it in a hurry.  So many great resources and links!  I particularly love her crunch time prep packets.

This blog was designed to connect teachers.  Our job is hard enough without having to reinvent the wheel.  We'd love to know of other resources that you use to help students be successful!  Please leave a comment to let us know.


  1. Cat and I will be there Thursday and Friday. We'll have to find each other.

  2. I sure wanted to go this summer, but with my son just back home from a six week Juvenile Detention stay...well, maybe next year! I have ALL her books, and I will be big time "kerneling" this year!