They Say It's Our Birthday...Month!

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Happy June!  School is almost out; summer officially begins; and it's our birthday month!  There is lots to celebrate around here.  

We are so excited to see friendly faces at our birthday party.  If you haven;t already, make plans to join us for a day of learning, friendship and laughter.  Oh, and free stuff!  That's the best part!!  Each participant receives a free set of Shared Readings for their grade level.  We will show how we use them in our classrooms and are grateful to have dear friends coming that use them and can talk about how they work best for them.  We'll also spend time with interactive notebooks in the ELA classroom and essay structures.  Teachers will have time to build new relationships and share tips and resources they've learned.  Also, invite your friends.  Have them put your name in the "Guest Of" slot, and we'll have an extra present for you.  Click to register today!

We know we have friends out of state, and we want to party with you too!  The week of our birthday- June 15th through the 21st - we will be hosting a sale in our Teacher Pay Teachers store.  You get to choose the amount of the discount based on our number of Pinterest followers.  Currently, you are guaranteed a 10% savings for the week.  If we can get to 150 followers, your savings bumps to 15%.  Two hundred followers- 20% off.  If you aren't following us on Pinterest, click here to do so.

We hope you find lots to celebrate all summer long!  

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