Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
From Both of Your Curly Gal Pals--

Gifts from students are pretty rare on high school campuses, but here are some of the more notable tokens of affection Suz and I have received over the years. 

  • A box of movie theatre candy. I mean it's candy, so I'm happy. 
  • Homemade tamales. I want that kid in my class.
  • A random book about World War II. They had been reading texts centered on WWII in class, so I guess he thought she was a big fan.
  • A sweet bundle of perfume samples. Her student was very clear that this gift was not--I repeat NOT--from him, but from his mother. Ok...ok...
  • Lots and lots of sweet notes for the "Happy File."

  • A giant timer. And I do mean giant. It's seriously like the size of a wall clock.
  • A case of Lemon-Lime La Croix. I love to sip club soda throughout the day, and my kids think it's odd. (Maybe it is...just a little)
  • A sheet cake. Like a full-on, decorated with roses and "Thank You Mrs. Johnson" sheet cake. 
  • An apple. A classic apple on my desk. So sweet!

We sure hope that you receive some memorable tokens of appreciation this week because...friends, you totally deserve it! We know that you put forth your best effort every single day to deliver quality instruction simply because you care. Thank you so much for being faithful Curly Classroom readers. You allow us into your classrooms with every comment, every "like," and every pin. 

Giving it your all every day is not easy, and we know just how much you do each and every day. 

As a sweet token from us, please click here to download our new Mayday Menu. This free link provides you with 20 strategies guaranteed to add variety and rigor to your reading instruction. You work hard enough! Keep our Mayday Menu in your lesson planning notebook to make your job just a bit easier. Now how do you like them apples?!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

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