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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
your curly co-author, Suzanne

This is belated but too good to let pass.  We were thrilled to be able to spend a Saturday earlier this month with our friends at Midlothian High School.  One of their teachers reads the blog and arranged for us to be able to come and spend the day.  Can I just say, it is SO fun to meet blog readers in "real life"!

They knew their areas of interest and communicated them, so we were able to target favorite classroom activities and ideas to meet their needs.  They were awesome participants and shared great ideas with us both during the training and afterward via email.  To our Midlothian friends- we have laughed at the videos you pointed us toward and researched the resources you mentioned.  Thank you again for sharing your Saturday with us!  

We would love to share some time with you too!  Keep us in mind for professional development opportunities at your school.  We would be happy to present more about ideas that have been presented on the blog or would love to customize our training to meet your data-based needs.  Click on our 'Contact Us' page and email for more information. 

We welcome participants of all ages!
We seriously have the best readers!  Lindsey in Virginia emailed us this week and had this to say about our Shared Readings:
When I say that I love them, it's an understatement.  They have changed the way I teach.  I am so excited that students are getting exposure to many varied texts in short bursts with short and focused lessons attached.  They love it, too!

To all of you who have emailed with tips, questions and kindness- thank you!  We love hearing from you and it makes our purpose here much more real.  

Remember that you can receive a FREE set of Shared Readings for your grade-level and learn more about how to use them in your classroom by joining us at The Curly Classroom's Birthday Party.  Register today!

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