Come On Down...

Friday, December 27, 2013
Karla C.
You're the winner of Fun-Sized Academic Writing for Serious Learning by Gretchen Bernabei!  I'm imagining you running, arms flailing Price is Right style to claim you prize.  While the running is not neccessary, the enthusiasm is!  I will email you so that we can get your book in your hands ASAP!

This really is an excellent resource, so even if you're not our winner, you should purchase a copy.  *nudge*  Hopefully that gave you the nudge you were needing to bust out your credit card.

Looking ahead:
You've got some homework.  *Insert sighs, smacking lips, weeping, gnashing of teeth here*  Oh wait, you're not 10th graders- lovely!  But seriously, I do need you to be thinking about the best things that have gone on in your classroom this year. (You can interpret year as you wish.)  It could be routines or resources you have in place, new ideas you've tried and loved, successes you've experienced...what have you.  Just imagine *wink,wink* *hint,hint* you needed to make a short list of best moments of the year- what would make you're list?  For now, I just want you to think about it.  It's totally painless- I promise!

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