Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We have exciting news!!  Our Shared Readings for English II are here!  Download them today, and don't forget to share tips and successes!

If you don't know what Shared Readings are, then you're missing an integral part of reading instruction. They are invaluable in the Curly Classroom, and we hope you'll make them a regular part of your school day. 

What's that? You don't teach English II? Fear not! We've also got English I Shared Readings--the one that started it all. Each set of guided reading lessons is guaranteed to get you through your school year with a meaningful reading lesson every single day. 

Here's the best part. Each of our Shared Reading packages is tried and true. Every single lesson has been tested on real live children, and we've done our absolute best to make everything 100% classroom ready. All you have to do is make the copies. 

[No children were badly harmed in the making of the Shared Readings.]

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