Teacher's Pet

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
your curly-headed contributor, Suzanne

I know I shouldn't.  
I know it's wrong.
My attention should be divided evenly among everyone in my classroom.
But I couldn't help myself!
I have a teacher's pet.
He is never any trouble, a good listener, and good looking to boot.  
I even have a picture of this golden boy...

Meet Pepe

Pepe is the prepositional pinata.  I started the year off with our sentence manipulatives and a refresher on sentence types.  In having students code sentences, namely marking subjects and verbs, it became evident that student's needed a mini-lesson on prepositions and prepositional phrases.  The co-teacher that I work with, Jacklyn, gave me the idea for Pepe.  She had a prepositional puppy used in a classroom to teach prepositions.  Oddly enough, I didn't have access to a puppy but did have a mini pinata lying around.  Don't ask.  Thus, Pepe was born.  

Pepe sits in the chair, on the desk, beside the computer, and among friends.  It is a quick and easy reminder about prepositional phrases and that our subject and verb will not be found in one.  He also hangs around our class, available for a re-teach moment whenever the need arises.  What a guy!

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