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Monday, September 2, 2013
Welcome to...

This year my classes are gear toward sophomores and juniors who will retest for portions of STAAR English 1 and/or English 2 in December. 

The summer before I moved from middle school to high school, I attended a technology training with Alan November.  This was kind of a joke because I am SO not a tech guru, but I remember he ended by saying that the number one skill students need in a global economy is empathy.  That got me thinking and inspired my wall. I hope my students have pride in their abilities, empathy for others, and optimism about their future.  This is easy to do and makes a big impact...check and check.

Our campus provided lesson framing posters and even a framing contest.  I got smoked by my friend Dani.  Her poster is now 3D...overachiever.

I have six groups arranged around my room.  Each is equipped with it's own toolbox.  I typically mix up the groups at the end of each six weeks.  

Our interactive notebooks live in my classroom. They are sorted into the crates below by class period (which I will label...eventually).  I have each group band their notebooks together using file-sized rubber bands.  That way we don't waste class time sifting through thirty notebooks.  

The reason that my bookshelf made the cut is because of the wish cut out.  A sweet teacher friend gave it to me for my birthday one year and explained that it represented all of the wishes that we have for our students.  Wishes that they grow into mature, responsible, educated members of society who are fulfilled by the work they do.

And my teacher credentials- for when you need to remind yourself that you really do know what you're talking about.

Thanks for taking a look around! This link up provided lots of motivation to finish and clean up just like when company is coming. I can't wait to visit your class, and you don't even have to straighten up for me!


  1. Thanks for the invite! I love your room. It's nice to find other secondary teacher-bloggers in the world!

    1. Thanks for joining us!! So glad to have a new blogger friend.