Shared Reading Day 1: Did you get it?

Monday, July 22, 2013
I'm going to keep this short and sweet...only because there's a video that explains better than I can.  The Shared Reading is broken in to four days.  Each day focuses on a different skill using the same short text.  

Day 1= Comprehension
Students must understand the text before they can analyze its layers.  Often, this day brings many teachable moments (pronouns, context clues, background knowledge).  Because students are thrown into a text, they must really look for clues to support their understanding.  Each text is doable in isolation.  Actually, a Shared Reading of a text the class has read in its entirety loses its effectiveness.  It robs students of those inferences because they see beyond the piece their given.  

The questions are able to be answered by looking at what is written.  I always encourage students to mark the evidence for their answers because this text evidence can be helpful on subsequent day's activities.  

Download this Shared Lesson here for F-R-E-E-E, and watch Day 1 in action!

**Disclaimer:  This is not Lori's classroom.  In fact, it's a math class.  We're lucky we made it out alive**

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